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When you become part of this community, you automatically belong to the Sunset Ridge Residents Association. The association helps foster a sense of community by organizing fun events where neighbours can meet and get to know each other. 

Welcome to the S.R. Homeowners Association (SRHOA)


Common Land Maintenance

We have received valuable feedback from Sunset Ridge residents regarding the lack of maintenance around the pond and the common green spaces within the community.

Please note that once the common lands were developed to a particular phase, responsibility for the maintenance was turned over to the Town of Cochrane. As the land is the property of the Town of Cochrane, it is to be maintained by the Town.

In discussion with the Parks Department at the Town of Cochrane, we have the following updates to share;

  1. The Town of Cochrane is aware of the lands and the need to maintain them to a higher standard.
  2. Currently they lack the staffing and landscaping machines to maintain all of their lands throughout Cochrane and that is why there is a degradation in the standards of the maintenance.  The rainy spring has also pushed out schedules and made it more challenging to maintain the areas.
  3. They are in the process of hiring additional staff and getting additional machinery, but this takes time. The hope is that by mid-summer they will be able to mow the common areas on a weekly basis (weather dependent).
  4. They are starting to address the dandelions with a program of steam treatments.  They have had success with this in the past and are using it this year as it is better for the environment, including local waterfowl, and the does not impact the water in the ponds. This will continue for the next month or so, and will be followed by a herbicide treatment if necessary in August.
  5. They will also be treating the boulevards throughout the community, but that too will take time due to lack of current resources

Based on this update, there should be notable improvements in the community within the next month.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Operations Department at the Town to report concerns at 403.851.2590. Reporting numbers are tracked and used by the Operations team to push for additional resources.

We will continue to work with the Town to ensure the areas are well looked after.


Sunset Ridge Homeowners Association

Board of Directors

Project Update

Dear Sunset Ridge Resident,

You may have noticed that there has been little activity on the siphon installation project. We now have information to provide you with an update and some changes to the schedule and the plan.

As a part of our due diligence process to begin the directional drilling, our contractor reassessed the drilling alignment for the siphon on the east side and determined a realignment was required. The redesign work caused the project delays. The new schedule and design have been submitted to the Town for approval.

A positive result of these unforeseen delays is that we anticipate completing the 24-hour drilling portion of the construction on a tighter overall drilling timeline than expected (24 days).

Below is the expected timeline for the project (weather and conditions dependent).

• Construction of Access Routes and Site Preparation – Final construction – May 10 – 13
• Sound attenuation installation – May 12 – 14
• 24 Hour, 7 Days/Week Direction Drilling – begins the week of May 16 (expected to last 24 days)
• Siphon Tie-in and Construction Completion – June 8 – 18
• Rehabilitation of Areas to Natural State – May 30 – June 24
• Trail Closures – Ongoing – Limited reopening of trails will take place after siphon work is completed.
• Other Work – Grading will occur on the east side for future development of The Pinnacle community, and erosion control measures will remain in place until development occurs.

Please visit for project updates.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or area land development, please contact Ruth Price, Project Coordinator, Melcor Developments at 403-270-1288 or email

If you have any concerns about operations at the worksites, please contact Volker Stevin at 403-816-7831.

Melcor Development Ltd.

Upcoming Events

S.R. Homeowners Association (SRHOA) Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide improved value to the S.R. residents and owners through the development, enhancement and maintenance of the S.R. area amenities.

SRHOA Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a community environment that has a consistently high aesthetic appeal throughout; to enhance the walkways, ponds and common spaces; to establish and maintain close integrated communication with our stakeholders; and to ensure that the S.R. Community remains a preferred choice for current owners and potential buyers.


The SRHOA fee is an encumbrance that is placed onto all registered land titles within Sunset Ridge. The fees are to be administered by the SRHOA board of directors to pay for costs associated with the development, enhancement and maintenance of our common area neighbourhood.

Fees for all registered titles within the S.R. area are $140.00 per household plus a service fee of 3% if you choose to pay online.

2022 Fees

2022 Fees: Fees have been set at $140+GST for the fiscal year January 1st 2022 – December 31st 2022. Interest is applied March 1st and the Deadline for payment is April 30th, 2022. Collection action will commence May 1st 2022.

If you have any questions in regards to these fees or are interested in more information about the SRHOA, please email

New Owner Registration*

If you are a new owner in the S.R. and are not sure if you are registered, please utilize the Contact Us section of the website for confirmation or assistance in being registered. This will ensure you receive all applicable invoicing and information pertaining to the SRHOA mailed to you

*Failing to register will not negate your responsibility to pay the annual fees for your home, any applicable late fees, or legal expenses that may be incurred by your account. 

S.R. Fountains

Should you notice an issue with any of the fountains, please contact us via the Contact Us tab to advise of the issue, utilizing the email to provide us with the information.

S.R. Area Map

The houses, condominiums and commercial establishments located within the map are within the S.R. Homeowners Association (SRHOA). Click Here on the map to expand. The map also identifies assets under the responsibility of the SRHOA.