On behalf of the Sunset Ridge Home Owners Association (SRHOA) and the Board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to Sunset Ridge and are confident that you will enjoy this unique community for many years!

To ensure the community is maintained to a high standard Melcor as required by the Town of Cochrane, established a Homeowners Association in the Sunset Ridge Community.

The Sunset Ridge Home Owners Association (SRHOA) is a not-for–profit organization which manages and maintains assets owned by the Association for the benefit of Sunset Ridge residents.

As a property owner in the Community of Sunset Ridge you are a member of The Sunset Ridge Home Owners Association (SRHOA). 

Homeowners quite often have questions about their community. Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Sunset Ridge Home Owners Association (SRHOA)

As part of the Sunset Ridge area development plan, Melcor designed in features to enhance the visual appearance of the community.  These features are denoted in the HOA Maintenance Obligatons Map

These features are not maintained by the Town of Cochrane, beyond basic grass maintenance.  As part of the development permit approval process, the City required an HOA to be put in place to maintain these features.  An encumbrance is registered at land titles on each property within Sunset Ridge.

The HOA maintains soft landscaping at the applicable sites shown in the obligations map.  This includes planting & maintenance of annual flower beds, regular weeding, pruning of shrubs, fertilizing, and watering. 

None.  The Town of Cochrane does not maintain any hardscape features denoted in the obligations map. 

The HOA performs regular inspections and performs maintenance when required of all stonework & wood components, signage, iron fencing, and non-street lighting at the sites denoted on the HOA obligations map.

A boulevard is the portion of Town property between the curb or road’s edge and the adjacent front property line. Boulevards may also border sidewalks, multi-use trails and alleys. Residents are responsible to care for the boulevard, alley and driveway crossing adjacent to their property line.

This means, as a homeowner, you are now responsible for the maintenance of the boulevard landscaping in front of your home to the curb, and if you are a corner lot, the flankage boulevard along the side of your property to the curb.  Maintenance includes mowing, watering, fertilizing, weed control and replacement, should the grass die. During the winter months you are responsible for the snow removal from the sidewalk in front of your home and, if on a corner lot, the flankage sidewalk.

Refer to the applicable years budget in your HOA Annual Fee Letter for budgeted dollar amounts.

The HOA does not perform weeding of any common green spaces outside of the flower beds.  Please contact the Town of Cochrane with concerns regarding weeds.

Their email is parks@cochrane.ca

All residents and property owners in Stage 2 & 3 have their title encumbered with the Sunset Ridge Encumbrance Annual Rent Charge. Membership in the Association is automatic and mandatory with the purchase of a home in Sunset Ridge and applies to each and every property owner in Stage 2 & 3  of Sunset Ridge.

Stage 1 in Sunset Ridge was developed by a different developer. They do not have an encumbrance registered on their properties.

The payment of dues, which is secured by an Annual Rent Encumbrance registered on the title to each member’s lot. If you reside in a condominium, these annual fees are in addition to your monthly condominium fees. The fiscal year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Fee reminders from the Home Owners Association will be mailed annually and fees are due as of January 1st. Your lawyer should have reviewed this with you at the time of closing. Fees for 2023 have been set at $140 plus GST

Residents benefit by having certain amenities and assets in their community scheduled for enhanced maintenance of Entry feature, parks and boulevards which will serve to set Sunset Ridge apart from other communities that do not have the ability maintain open space to a higher standard.

The SRHOA, including the features and amenities, is governed by the Societies Act and bylaws, and administered by a Board of Directors currently made up of FOUR (4) Melcor appointed directors who hold officer positions and THREE (3) Resident Directors. The association is currently managed by Melcor under a management agreement.