We have received valuable feedback from Sunset Ridge residents regarding the lack of maintenance around the pond and the common green spaces within the community.

Please note that once the common lands were developed to a particular phase, responsibility for the maintenance was turned over to the Town of Cochrane. As the land is the property of the Town of Cochrane, it is to be maintained by the Town.

In discussion with the Parks Department at the Town of Cochrane, we have the following updates to share;

  1. The Town of Cochrane is aware of the lands and the need to maintain them to a higher standard.
  2. Currently they lack the staffing and landscaping machines to maintain all of their lands throughout Cochrane and that is why there is a degradation in the standards of the maintenance.  The rainy spring has also pushed out schedules and made it more challenging to maintain the areas.
  3. They are in the process of hiring additional staff and getting additional machinery, but this takes time. The hope is that by mid-summer they will be able to mow the common areas on a weekly basis (weather dependent).
  4. They are starting to address the dandelions with a program of steam treatments.  They have had success with this in the past and are using it this year as it is better for the environment, including local waterfowl, and the does not impact the water in the ponds. This will continue for the next month or so, and will be followed by a herbicide treatment if necessary in August.
  5. They will also be treating the boulevards throughout the community, but that too will take time due to lack of current resources

Based on this update, there should be notable improvements in the community within the next month.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Operations Department at the Town to report concerns at 403.851.2590. Reporting numbers are tracked and used by the Operations team to push for additional resources.

We will continue to work with the Town to ensure the areas are well looked after.


Sunset Ridge Homeowners Association

Board of Directors